Our brands

We build our brand around the positioning:

I AM Organic brings consumers fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

I AM Organic brings you fresh organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables. We strive for the best possible taste and experience combined with a carbon neutral footprint. We work with local farmers and believe in less packaging, more communication. Each product has a QR-code, that leads to a unique digital passport, in which we communicate 100% transparently about origin, farming, logistics, packaging, sustainability. And where we inspire you with recipes, storage tips and usage tips. You can eat the world better by choosing I AM Organic.


Apart from taste and quality, our brand has 4 unique selling points:

  1. 100% organic
  2. 100% transparent storytelling via digital passport
  3. sustainable: carbon neutral
  4. sustainable: fair to people

In our digital experience we engage consumers with storytelling via QR-code. Each product has its own unique passport based on origin, variety, C02 footprint, transport, packaging, and recipe inspiration. In our digital passports:

– We inspire consumers to eat (more) organic

– We are 100% transparent about all steps and details in our vertically integrated supply chain

– We communicate about our sustainability ambition and how our products are CO2 neutral

– We explain our objective with regard to fair practice, e.g. fair trade and fair pricing

– We invite consumers to join our community to eat the world better