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We are driven by consumer and retailer demand for healthy and organic food products

We are driven by consumer
and retailer demand for healthy
and organic food products

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Date File
2023-12-29 Organto Announces Plans to Strengthen Balance Sheet and Provides Business Update
2023-12-06 Organto Provides Update on Private Placement Financing
2023-11-30 Organto Announces Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results
2023-11-20 Organto Provides Preliminary 2023 Third Quarter Sales and Gross Profit Estimates
2023-11-14 Organto Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement
2023-11-01 Organto Establishes Strategic Partnership Agreement with Established Mexico Based Producer
2023-10-05 Organto Announces Plans to Expand into North America
2023-10-03 Organto Expands Sales into Asia
2023-09-25  Organto Expands Financing Facilities
2023-09-18  Organto Announces Consolidation of Common Shares
2023-08-30 Organto Announces Record Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
2023-08-04 Organto Files Preliminary Base Shelf Prospectus
2023-07 -18 Organto Introduces ORO Premium Branded Product Offering
2023-06 -29 Organto Announces 2023 Annual General Meeting Results
2023-06 -15 Organto Announces Appointment of Industry Veteran Bob Kouw as Chief Operating Officer, Global Operations
2023-05 -30 Organto Announces Record First Quarter 2023 Financial Results
2023-05 -10   Organto Provides Preliminary 2023 First Quarter Sales and Gross Profit Estimates
2023-05 -04  Organto Announces Fiscal 2022 and Fourth Quarter Financial Results and Reconfirms Previously Provided 2023 Sales and Gross Profit Margin Estimates
2023-04-03 Organto Closes Third Tranche of the Oversubscribed Financing
2023-03-23 Organto Closes Second Tranche of Oversubscribed Financing
2023-02-24 Organto Closes First Tranche of Oversubscribed Financing
2023-01-30  Organto Provides Fiscal 2023 Estimates and Operational Outlook
2023-01-26 Organto Announces Amendment to 2020 Series of Convertible Debentures
2023-01-25 Organto Announces 2023 Business Outlook Webinar
2023-01-24 Organto’s “I AM ORGANIC” Branded Banana Honoured
2023-01-18  Organto Introduces =AWESOME Brand
2023-01-03  Organto Completes Acquisition of The New Fruit Group
Date File
2021-12-14 John Rathwell Joins Organto as Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Development
2021-12-07 Organto Announces Appointment of Rob McKeracher as Strategic Advisor
2021-11-26 Organto Announces Record Third Quarter Financial Results
2021-11-24 Organto Acquires Assets of Zimbabwe Marketing Services
2021-11-18 Organto Lists “I AM Organic” Branded Fresh Cut Organic Herbs With Gorillas
2021-11-17 Organto Completes Acquisition of Beeorganic BV
2021-11-12 Organto Announces Closing of Over-Subscribed Convertible Debenture Offering and Concurrent Equity Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $14 Million
2021-11-04 Organto Prices Over-Subscribed Convertible Debenture Offering and Finalizes Concurrent Equity Private Placement
2021-11-04 Organto Announces Overnight Marketed Offering of Convertible Debentures and Concurrent Equity Private Placement with Strategic European Investor
2021-10-21 Organto Expands “I AM Organic” Listing With NS Stations, Part of Dutch Railways
2021-10-05 Organto’s I AM Organic Fresh Cut Fruits Added to the Menu at Julia’s, a Convenience Retail Outlet Operated by NS Stations, part of Dutch Railways
2021-09-29 Organto to Acquire Beeorganic BV
2021-09-28 Organto Launching “I AM Organic” Branded Products With Gorillas
2021-09-08 Organto Adds Organic Fairtrade Bananas to Product Portfolio
2021-09-02 Organto Adds Organic Fresh Cut Fruits to Product Portfolio
2021-08-31 Organto Announces Record Second Quarter Financial Results
2021-08-17 Organto Announces Strategic Logistics Relationship for Key European Markets
2021-07-06 Organto Announces Filing of Final Base Shelf Prospectus
2021-06-29 Organto Announces 2021 Annual General Meeting Results
2021-06-16 Organto Files Preliminary Base Shelf Prospectus
2021-06-02 Organto Announces DTC Eligibility
2021-05-28   Organto Announces Record First Quarter Financial Results
2021-05-19 Organto Provides Record Second Quarter 2021 Revenue Guidance
2021-05-14 Organto Announces Shareholder Update Webinar for May 20, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT
2021-05-04 Organto Provides Record First Quarter 2021 Revenue Guidance
2021-04-29 Organto Announces Record Fiscal 2020 and Fourth Quarter Financial Results
2021-04-20 Organto Expands Organic Ginger Supply
2021-04-07 Organto Provides Update on Fresh Organic Choice BV
2021-04-01 Organto Announces Director Resignation
2021-03-31 Organto Enters into Exclusive Organic Avocado Supply Agreement with Strategic Mexican Supply Partner
2021-03-04 Organto Announces Appointment of Joe Riz to the Board of Directors
2021-02-19 Organto Adds Fairtrade and Organic Mango to Product Portfolio
2021-02-07 Reminder: Organto Investor Update Webinar
2021-02-03 Organto Announces Appointment of Jeremy Kendall to the Board of Directors
2021-01-27 Organto Increases Record Q-4 2020 Revenue Guidance
2021-01-14 Organto Finalizes Acquisition of Fresh Organic Choice BV
2021-01-07 Organto Closes Over-Subscribed CDN $4.6 Million Convertible Note Financing
2020-12-16 Organto Announces Over-Subscribed Convertible Note Financing
2020-12-10 Organto Provides Record Revenue Guidance of $35 to $37 Million for Fiscal 2021 and Announces Financing to Fund Accelerating Growth
2020-12-09 Organto to Acquire Fresh Organic Choice BV
2020-12-08 Organto Announces Appointment of Gert Jan van Noortwijk to the Board of Directors
2020-12-03 Organto Announces 2020 Annual General Meeting Results and Acceleration of Warrant Expiry Date
2020-12-01 Organto Expands Supply of Organic Limes
2020-11-25 Organto Announces Expansion of Avocado Supply Chain
2020-11-19 Organto Announces Record Third Quarter Results and Record Fourth Quarter Revenue Guidance
2020-10-07 Organto Adds Organizational Depth to Lead Latin American Operations and On-Line Business Development
2020-10-01 Organto Provides Record Third Quarter Revenue Guidance Guidance
2020-09-22 Organto Expands Sourcing and Distribution of Organic Ginger and Adds Organic Tumeric
2020-09-15 Organto Announces Leadership Appointments
2020-09-10 Organto Announces Launch of Social Media Platforms and Enhanced Website
2020-09-08 Organto Adds Industry Veteran Joost Verrest to Board of Directors
2020-08-24 Organto Announces Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
2020-08-19 Organto Announces Record Second Quarter Results – Largest Quarterly Revenues and Gross Profit in Company’s History
2020-06-24 Organto Closes CDN $3.6 Million Over-Subscribed Convertible Note and Equity Financings – Reaffirms Expectation to Achieve CDN $20 Million Annualized Revenue and Cash-Flow Breakeven Run Rates This Year
2020-05-28 Organto Provides Corporate Update and Second Quarter Revenue Guidance
2020-05-26 Organto Closes First Tranches of Convertible Note and Equity Financings – Expects to Achieve CDN$20 Million Annualized Revenue and Cash-Flow Breakeven Run Rates This Year
2020-05-11 Organto Expands Options Related to Previously Announced Financing – Increases Size of Financings to CDN $2 Million
2020-04-28 Organto Provides Corporate Update
2020-04-14 Organto Announces CDN $1.5 Million Convertible Note Offering
2020-03-30 Organto Provides Update on Operations and Forecast for Record First Quarter 2020 Results – Announces Participation in Investor Update Webinar on March 31, 2020
2020-03-18 Organto Provides Update on Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic – Announces Investor Update Call for Wednesday, March 18, 2020
2020-03-13 Organto Closes Bridge Debt Financing
2020-02-20 Organto Announces Record Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2019 Revenues – Announces Investor Update Call for Monday, February 24th at 11:00 am EST
2020-02-19 Organto Announces Appointment of Michiel Groenewegen as Business Development Manager – Further Expands Commercial Development Resources
2020-01-22 Organto Further Expands Avocado Supply Chain – Adds Established Grower Based in Morocco
2020-01-10 Organto Announces C$400,000 Bridge Debt Financing
2019-12-20 Organto Closes Sale of Colombian Cannabis Subsidiary
2019-12-19 Organto Announces 2019 Annual General Meeting Results
2019-12-10 Organto Confirms Addition of Industry Veteran to Board of Directors
2019-11-15 Organto Provides Update on Sale of Colombian Cannabis Subsidiary
2019-10-23 Organto Receives Final Approval for the Sale of Colombian Cannabis Subsidiary – Focus on Core Organic Foods Platform
2019-10-17 Organto Announces Record Third Quarter Revenues – Updates Previous Guidance Provided
2019-10-08 Organto Updates Proposed Sale of Medicannabis S.A.S. and Clarifies Consideration to be Received
2019-10-03 Organto Receives Approval for the Sale of Guatemalan Plant and Equipment
2019-09-26 Organto Resumes Sales of Organic Blueberries – Strategic Supplier to Take Ownership Position
2019-09-18 Organto Expands Avocado Supply Chain – Adds Established Colombian Grower
2019-08-21 Organto Provides Business Update and Record 3rd Quarter Revenue Guidance
2019-08-09 Medicannabis Update
2019-08-06 Organto Provides Update as Medicannabis Receives THC Processing Licence in Colombia – Organto is the Largest Shareholder of XEBRA Brands
2019-07-03 Organto Adds Industry Veteran to Board of Directors – Deepens Mexican Supply Chain Expertise
2019-06-27 Organto Agrees to Sell Colombian Cannabis Subsidiary – Focus on Core Organic Foods Platform
2019-06-19 Organto Expanding Distribution of Organic Asparagus – Year-Round Supply Chain Refined
2019-06-04 Organto Announces Appointment of Ine Potting as Business Development Director – Expands Commercial Development Resources
2019-05-15 Organto Provides Default Status Report
2019-04-29 Organto Announces Delay in Annual Filings
2019-04-09 Organto Receives Final Acceptance of Shareholders and TSX Venture Exchange to Issue Shares Related to Acquisition of Medicannabis SAS in Colombia
2019-03-27 Organto Sells Non-Strategic Guatemalan Plant and Equipment – Sale Aligns with Strategic Asset Light Organic Foods Business Model
2019-03-07 Organto Supply Partner Receives Organic Certifications in Zimbabwe – Delivery of Organic Green Beans Commences
2019-01-22 Organto Registers Its Genetic Library of Cannabis Cultivars & Breeding Lines in Colombia
2019-01-16 Organto Granted License to Cultivate High-CBD Cannabis Crops in Colombia
2018-12-19 Organto Announces 2018 Annual General Meeting Results
2018-12-14 Organto Announces Debt Settlement and Options Grants
2018-12-06 Organto Finalizes European Accounts Receivable Factoring Facility
2018-12-04 Organto Foods Inc. Establishes Organto de Mexico – Positions Company as Premier Exporter of Organic Produce to Europe
2018-11-20 Organto Acquires 100% of the Shares of Colombian Cannabis Company and Appoints Todd Dalotto as Global Cannabis Division President
2018-11-07 Organto Adds Strategic Supply Partner For Value-Added Organic Vegetables
2018-11-01 Organto Enters into Agreement to Acquire Medicannabis S.A.S – Medicinal Cannabis Company Based in Colombia
2018-10-29 Organto Closes $1.1 Million Private Placement
2018-10-26 Organto Announces $1.1 Million Private Placement
2018-10-10 Organto Provides Update on Successful Operating Turnaround and Provides Third Quarter Revenue Guidance – Expects to Realize Highest Quarterly Revenues in Over 2 Years
2018-10-04 Organto Commences First Sales with On-Line Retailer – First Sales to Fast-Growing Distribution Channel
2018-10-02 Organto Streamlines Receiving and Packaging Operations – Enters Into New Agreement with Established Service Provider
2018-09-25 Organto Launches Year-Round Organic Avocado Program
2018-09-18 Organto Commences Sales of Organic Asparagus – Year-Round Supply Chain Re-Established
2018-09-11 Organto Commences Sales of Organic Blueberries – First Sales of Organic Soft Fruit
2018-09-06 Organto Begins Sales of Organic Ginger and Expands Supply Base
2018-08-01 Organto Closes Fully Subscribed Private Placement Financing
2018-07-12 Organto Adds Second Strategic Supply Partner Based in Mexico and Expands Product Offering
2018-06-28 Organto Provides Corporate Update
2018-06-13 Organto Adds Strategic Supply Partner and Expands Product Offering
2018-06-07 Organto Announces Private Placement for up to $1.6 Million
2018-06-05 Organto Adds Strategic Supply Partner and Expands Product Offering
2018-05-18 Organto Announces Acceptance of Convertible Loan
2018-04-30 Organto Announces Release of Annual Filings and Provides an Update to its Corporate Strategy
2018-04-13 Organto Amends Terms of US$590,000 Convertible Loan
2018-04-11 Organto Announces Leadership Changes
2018-03-08 Organto Enters Cooperation with Dutch Agriculture Blockchain Technology Company
2018-02-22 Organto Announces Bridge Financing
2018-01-04 Organto Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer Due to Personal Circumstances
2017-12-04 Organto Launches New Website
2017-11-30 Organto Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2017 Financial Results and Provides Strategic Update
2017-11-21 Organto Expands Global Supply Base to Egypt
2017-11-06 Organto Adds Organic Green Asparagus to Product Offering and Further Expands Supply Platform
2017-11-03 Organto Foods Inc. Issues Stock Options
2017-10-23 Organto Expands Supply and Commences Shipments of Organic Sugar Snaps and Snow Peas from Peruvian Supply Partner
2017-10-16 Organto Appoints Steve Bromley as Chair of the Board
2017-10-11 Organto Adds Production and Supply Chain Expertise
2017-10-05 Organto Foods Inc. Appoints Erik Kleerebezem as Chief Financial Officer
2017-10-03 Organto Enters Into Strategic Partnership in the Netherlands with Leading Organic Foods Wholesaler
2017-09-28 Organto Foods Inc. Announces 2017 Annual General Meeting Results
2017-09-12 Organto Closes $5.2 million in Over-Subscribed Private Placement Financing; Announces Proposed New Board Members
2017-08-28 Extension of Private Placement Offering
2017-08-04 Organto Closes 2nd Tranche of Private Placement for $324k
2017-08-02 Organto Extends Private Placement Offering
2017-07-19 Organto and ProSpection Join Forces to Expand Organic Produce Supply
2017-07-04 Organto Appoints Interim Corporate Secretary
2017-06-21 Organto Raises $1.9 Million from First Tranche Closing
2017-06-12 Organto Closes Convertible Debenture Financing
2017-06-05 Organto Extends Convertible Debenture Financing
2017-05-18 Organto Issues Settlement Shares to and Extinguishes Debt
2017-05-15 Organto Expands Strategic Product Supply; Enters Into Five Year Exclusive Supply Agreement with GB Organic SAC of Peru
2017-05-11 Organto Announces $3.45 Million Unit Private Placement
2017-04-25 Organto Announces $2 Million Financing is Fully Subscribed and Provides Corporate Update
2017-04-20 Organto Commences Sales to Ahold Delhaize Group Top 10 Supermarket Group in the World
2017-04-19 Organto Announces Key Leadership Changes
2017-03-29 Organto Reaches Commercial Production of Organic Beans in Guatemala
2017-03-09 Organto Receives Organic Certifications for Guatemalan Farms
2017-02-24 Organto Commences Sales to COOP, One of the Largest Food Retailers in Europe
2017-02-23 Organto Announces $2 Million Convertible Debenture Private Placement
2017-01-26 Organto Announces Appointment of Marcus Meurs as Chief Operating Officer
2017-01-17 Organto Announces Resignation of Andres Barresi
2017-01-09 Organto Announces Appointment of Marcus Meurs as President and Director