At Organto, we are respectful to nature and do what is right for long-term sustainability. Across continents, there is always a right place and right time on earth to grow our organic fruits and vegetables. Therefore, we have selected farms all over the world and follow the seasons in order to have our products available year-round in ample supply. Therefore, we grow them in the best conditions against the lowest possible ecological footprint, as it is meant by mother nature. And by opting for sustainable transport. And by using as little (and if so then recycled, recyclable or biodegradable) packaging materials as possible.

We are constantly taking steps to achieve our goals of delivering high-quality products with complete transparency and minimizing our ecological footprint, carbon neutral for our I AM Organic® brand.

Our strategy is integrated from “farm to fork”. Driven by consumer and retailer demand for healthy and organic food products, we continue to build value-added branded and private label products via an integrated model with diverse global friendly sourcing, logistics, processing, and distribution capabilities.